Jukka Myllys

Jukka Myllys plays exlusively the WILLSON Euphonium mod. 2950TA and 2900TA

To hear the unforgettable sound of Tubhonium Duo, Jukka recommends for you to book a concert with him and his friend Petri Keskitalo!

Jukka with his brilliant Euphonium sound and stage performance makes him so amazing!

Jukka, a euphonium player, graduated as a Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy. Jukka has worked as a euphonium player and an assistant conductor of the Pohja Military Band. Last ten years Jukka has played trombone with the Oulu Symphony Orchestra. Jukka has also performed as a soloist with several symphony orchestras and wind bands, recorded and given solo recitals and world premieres in Europe, China, Japan and the United States. The Lieksa Brass Week named him the Brass Player of the Year in 1994. Jukka gives also recitals and teaches. Jukka is the conductor of the Kemi Symphony Orchestra.