For your instrument`s sake

The more intensive the usage, the more necessary is the cleaning. This is a logical rule of thumb in order to keep the sound, shine and joy.

Brass instruments appear to be easy. After playing, you remove the mouthpiece, put it back in its case – that`s it. But this is too simple: From time to time brass instruments require a thorough cleaning and the cleaning of the mouth piece is just the beginning. We offer the following services:

- Chemical cleaning inside and outside
- retuning and cleaning of the valves
- polishing of the instrument or cleaning the varnish
- Cleaning by ultrasound
- Replacement of all felt parts and rubber (water) keys
- Assembly
- Check-up of all the functions

Instruments: For all Willson instruments and others
Duration: About two days. Please bring us your instrument
Remarks: Cleaning for music groups also available
Appointments: Please call +41 81 733 14 78