Hamaoka Yukino

Hamaoka Yukino from Tokyo! All prefer the mod. 2900TA Willson!
Born in Tokyo, Japan, Ms.Hamoka went to Kunitachi College of Music soon after she graduated from Kunitachi College of Music Senior High School. She also finished advanced soloist course after her undergraduate at Kunitachi College of Music. She’s been studied with Prof.Toru Miura, Chiho Aida, Dr.Mitsuru Saito and Kyohei Ando.
She’d began her professional career with appearance at 85th Yomiuri Shinbun new face concert and been awarded prizes numerous times at many competitions including:
3rd prize in 2015 and 2nd prize in 2018 at Japan wind and percussion competition
3rd prize in 2016 and 1st prize in 2019 at ITEC competition artist euphonium (1st Japanese female player to win the 1st prize at ITEC)
2nd prize in 2018 at Jeju international brass competitions
Yakino is currently teaching and performing as an active freelancer in Tokyo area.
Yakino Hamaoka play exclusively on a Willson Euphonium mod. 2900TA.