Beak Seungyeon

WILLSON knows no boundaries. Baek Seungyeon from South Korea loves his Willson Euphonium!
Seungyeon Baek
Seungyeon Baek is a Korean Euphonium player.
He was born in 1986 in Bucheon, Republic of Korea.
He started playing Euphonium at the age of 18. He studied Euphonium at Korea National University of Arts under Jongwan Lim.
After graduating from KNUA, he left to study in France.
He studied with David Zambon at Conservatoire de versailles and with Sébastein Stein at Conservatoire de Creteil.

He has performed many concerts.
He played solo pieces with KNUA Wind Orchestra, Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra, L`orchestra d`harmonie musique de creteil and Jeju Provincial Seogwipo Municipal Wind Orchestra.
He was a member of Solist Brass Band, Seoul Wind Ensemble and performed many orchestras. Some of the orchestra with which he was featured, include: Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korean Symphony Orchestra, Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra, Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra, Seongnam Philharmonic Orchestra, DITTO Orchestra.
He was a Conductor of the Incheon Salvation Army Brass Band and leader of the Petits Cochons Euphonium Tuba Quartet.

Currently, he is a euphonium player of Jeju Provincial Seogwipo Municipal Wind Orchestra, Lecturer at Korea National University of Arts
and conductor of Suwon Salvation Army Brass Band and has a lot of music activities in Korea.

Seungyeon play exclusively on a Willson Euphonium mod. 2950TA