Wilson Aaron

The WILLSON Tombones goes to the USA!
Dr. Aaron Wilson joined the faculty at Brandon University’s School of Music as the Assistant Professor of Low Brass in 2014. As a trombonist, he has traveled around the world to perform, including most recently to Berlin for the Savvy Contemporary Gallery’s symposium, “Hostipitality Invocations,” and to Iowa City, Iowa to perform at the 2018 International Trombone Festival. He has performed with several professional ensembles including the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Brandon Chamber Players, Market Street Brass, Durham Symphony, and he appeared on the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s 2014 album, Suite Messiah.
In Fall 2018, Wilson will release his first solo album titled, The Prairie Trombonist.Additionally, he is an active scholar in the area of brass pedagogy, with clinics presented at the National Canadian Music Educators Association Conference, the Tempo Music Conference, and many others. Wilson received his Masters and Doctoral degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he studied from Dr. Randy Kohlenberg.
Aaron Wilson plays exclusively on the Willson SWISSBONE Trombone mod. 411TAW