WILLSON Euphonium 2727TA

The predecessor of today's fully compensated 4-valve TA models.

This euphonium has 3 automatically compensating valves.

NEW: Available again !

Pitch: BbAutomatic compensationno re-learning of finger combinations necessary
Bore: 15,0 / 0.590"Stainless steel valvesnon-corrosive
3 valves automatically compensatingRubber silencernoise-free
Weight: 3,9kg / 8.5 lbsInnovative water key rubberno interruption of air flow
Bell diameter: 290mm / 11.41" Nylon valve guidesnoise-free
3 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneath
2 water keys
Yellow brass bell
Nylon valve guides
Finish: lacquered or silver plated
Water catcher