The essence of the WillSAX saxhorn is its warm, brilliant and powerful sound. Its exceptional sound projection and playing precision enable individual musicians to express themselves freely as soloists, but also in chamber music ensembles. Thanks to its finesse and its wealth of tone colours, the WillSAX is an ideal instrument for harmony bands, brass bands and symphony orchestras. The WillSAX is the product of close collaboration between the passionate musicians of the French quartet Opus333 and our development team.

Visit the Opus333 quartet at www.opus333.com or book them for an unforgettable concert with a wealth of different tone colours!

Pitch: Bb4 valves, compensatedExcellent intonation and flexible response
Bore: 14,8mm/15,8mm 0,582”/0,622”Seamless bell 3150Well-balanced sound
Weight: 4,42kg 9,744 lbsStainless steel valvesCorrosion-free
Bell diameter: 285mm 11,22”Rubber silencerNoise-free valves
4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneathInnovative water key rubberNo interruption of the air flow
4 water keysBEM mouthpiece adapter Individual adjustment of gap between end of mouthpiece taper and leadpipe
Yellow brass bellRifling in mouthpiece receiverVery controlled blowing of tones possible
Slides on nickel silver
Finish: lacquered or silver plated
Main tuning slide trigger