WILLSON Tenor Trombone 310TA

This in-line trombone features the sensationel ROTAX valves. There is room for the ROTAX rotor in a conventional valve casing and yet it still provides 100% air flow thanks to its compensated flow geometry. The ROTAX rotor has no troublesome constrictions and overscaling. The mechanism is equipped with a smooth, precise and noise-free Rotohead system.

Pitch: Bb / FROTAX rotorsdirect response when pressing the switch valve
Bore: 13,36mm / 0.525"Rotohead systemadjustable joint system
Bell diameter: 210mm / 8.26"Newly designed slide stopno annoying vibrations and poor closing of mechanism
Rotax rotors
Rotohead system
Bell: yellow brass or red brass
Outer slide: nickel silver
Inner slide: chromium-coated
Slide can be dismounted or soldered
Newly designed slide stop or standard
Finish: lacquered or silver plated