WILLSON Bass Trombone 551TAW JJ

Bass trombone JJ.  Never played it? Then it’s about time you did!

By specifically positioning the two sound amplifiers, you can achieve a strongly projected, full sound that will impress even in large concert halls. The sound produced as a result is incredibly beautiful and clear. Thanks to the special X-Sound brace, you can prevent excess vibrations that can have an adverse effect on sound quality and clarity. In addition, this bass trombone is equipped with the sensational ROTAX valves with their compensated flow geometry.

Interested?   Then test this dream of a bass trombone!

Pitch: Bb / F / Gb2 ROTAX rotorsDirect response when switch valve is pressed
Bore: 14,30mm / 0.562"Rotohead systemAdjustable joint system
Bell diameter: 250mm / 9,84"New design of slide stopNo annoying vibrations and poor closing of mechanisms
Rotax rotorsX-Sound bracePrevents excess vibrations
Rotohead systemSound amplifiersImpressive projection, full sound
Bell: yellow brass or red brass
Outer slide: Nickel silver
Inner slide: chromium-coated
Slide can be dismounted or soldered
Newly designed slide stop or screwed
Finish: black lacquered