WILLSON Bass Trombone 551TA CF



The new WILLSON carbon bass trombone. These bass trombones have lost weight. But only in terms of their physical weight – not in terms of their majestic tone and well-carrying projection, with the full sound and ease of response that Willson is so well known for!

Test these new innovations for yourself!

Incidentally, these bass trombones also feature the world-famous ROTAX valves!




Pitch: Bb / F2 ROTAX rotorsDirect response when switch valve is pressed
Bohrung: 14,30mm / 0,562”Rotohead systemAdjustable joint system
Bell diameter: 265mm / 10.43"New design of slide stopNo annoying vibrations or poor closing of mechanisms
ROTAX - rotorsOuter slide made of CARBONReduced weight; comfortable, pleasant instrument position
Rotohead system
Bell: yellow brass or red brass
Outer slide: nickel silver
Inner slide: chromium-coated
Slide can be dismounted or soldered
Newly designed slide stop or screwed
Finish: lacquered or silver plated