Bb Trompeten Celebration

There are lots of trumpets available on the market, but only few of them can meet professional requirements!

WILLSON Switzerland has certainly not designed a new trumpet only to put it on the shelf.


Specifications: Features: Benefits:
Stimmung: Pitch: Bb Stainless steel valves non-corrosive and smooth action valves
Bore: 11,80mm / 0.464" 11,93mm / 0.469"First slide saddle and third slide ringoptimum intonation control
3 stainless steel valves with overhead valve springsAll models with SPINELL VL leadpipeunlimited sound flexibility
Bell diameter: 125mm / 4.92"
First slide saddle and third slide ring
Bell: yellow brass or red brass
Leadpipe: nickel silver or red brass
Leadpipe (optional): reverse or standard
Finish: lacquered, silver plated or silver plated with goldplated trims
Model numbers on request