The second generation in the topmost rank

Years pass, owners change. But the dedication, knowledge and the idea of perfecting wind instruments have been passed on. What`s more, the quality has grown too.

1950 The company was founded by WK senior. First they repaired wood- and brass wind instruments. After five years of repair work, the  desire to manufacture  their own instruments occurred, which they hoped would be more satisfactory.

In 1955 the first new workshop was built and the plans for the first KURATH cylinder instruments were put into action. Success followed fast and in 1965 Kurath sen. decided to extend the firm at the same location in Flums. At the same time he chose a new name, which led to the necessary attraction abroad. The name and brand “ Willson Band Instruments” was born.

1970 The new building at its current location optimised the manufacturing sequences by using the latest means of productions and was the starting point for the realization of the high standards. In the meantime there were pioneering developments and patents such as the famous Compact Bells.

1988 In December the mechanical engineering company „ Bauerfeind“ Nauheim Deutschland was integrated into the Willson Band Instruments AG by Kurath father and son. This company was resold later.

1993 In January a sensation in the engineering of cylinder instruments became reality. Willson Band Instruments showed the public a rotary valve with 100%  airflow for the first time. The new levers were also adjusted according to the latest possibilities in material and technology. The name of this patented precision machine is ROTAX.

2000 In October the own piston valves production was ready for production. Today we produce all piston valves from the trumpet to the tuba on our company premises in Flums. This move in piston valve production has enabled us to achieve high standards!

2005 In September the company Willson integraded the first CNC automatic lathes and machining centers in the production processes.

2009 In March with these new models 2960TA and 2960TA-UK Celebration, Willson is taking British brass band to higher levels. The newly developed euphoniums give entirely new dimensions to tone and performance that will not go unnoticed. 

2011 On the beginning, Willson became a supplier from many reputable and renowned trombones manufacturers. Willson supply their own Rotax geometry compensated valves which Willson produces in Switzerland.

2015 In June a novelty the WillSAX Saxhorn was presented to the public. This novelty is patented since 2016.

2016 Change of corporate from sole proprietorship to Willson Band Instruments Switzerland Corporation.