Petri Keskitalo

Petri plays on a Willson F Tuba 3200FA-5 XL and Willson CC Tuba 3050FA-5
To hear the unforgettable sound of Tubhonium Duo, Petri recommends for you to book a concert with him and his friend Jukka Myllys!
Finnish tuba player Petri Keskitalo began his studies at the Military Music School, from which he graduated as a military musician in 1992. He has studied under tuition of Eino Takalo-Eskola and Juha Salmela and participated in master classes by Jens Bjørn-Larsen, Roger Bobo, Melvin Culbertson and Michael Lind. Keskitalo is one of Scandinavia’s top soloists, teachers and chamber musicians.
Keskitalo won the national competition for wind instruments in 1994 and the national competition for military musicians in 1996. He was nominated the Military Musician of the Year in 1996 and the Finnish Brass Player of the Year by Lieksa Brass week in 1998.
Keskitalo has premiered numerous works by Finnish contemporary composers. His repertoire ranges from the 19th century romantics to modern jazz. He is a member of such ensembles as Pipoka trio, Gourmet sextet, Tubhonium duo and Kivitalo duo. Keskitalo is also an active composer and arranger. His works include repertoire for solo instruments and various chamber and jazz ensembles.
Petri Keskitalo has held the principal tuba position in the Armour Band in 1994-2000. Since the year 2000 he is the principal tuba of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra and teacher of tuba at Sibelius Academy.